5 Benefits of cycling that you may not know (Part 1)   

BICYCLE: a very popular and familiar means of transportation in the daily life of people in many developed and developing countries in the world. Today, according to the development trend of the tourism industry, bicycles are becoming a kind of vehicle used to move in short-term, long-term tours … especially the coastal tours.

Bicycle riding has many benefits for health, spirit, physique, environment and friendliness … that each of us needs to know to start and maintain a good habit – the habit of cycling. Some typical benefits of cycling are as follows:

Firstly, cycling is an overall exercise that is easy to do but always brings positive effects bone strength to each person’s body.

A lot of people often think that cycling is just an exercise to make the legs more firm. But in fact, cycling helps you have a healthy body overall because in the process of cycling all body parts such as arms, legs, muscles, eyes, … have coordination. Smooth combination helps firm muscles while strengthening. And this is a very easy exercise because you can cycle whenever you are in the day, you don’t need the hard training and memorization like other exercises or other sports.

Secondly, preventing many diseases

A study found that cyclists frequently reduced their risk of cancer by up to 45% compared to those who opted for vehicles such as cars or public transport.  When choosing a bicycle to travel, to train or choose it to become your familiar means, you will surely not expect that: you are having a perfect choice for improving health. As scientifically proven, cycling regularly helps the human body:

– Prevention of spinal and back pain.

– Reduce the risk of colon cancer, double mountain cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer, very good for the lungs and against endometrial cancer.

– Enhance the immune system, increase resistance and fight against tumor cells, prevent tumors-related diseases.