A girl traveling around the world on an old bike

Her dream has brought her to over 60 countries, accounting for more than 7 years. She left her comfort zone to go after that. Korea’s first world tourist on a used bike purchased from Craigslist.

This article is about Jin and her bike touring to over 60 countries, without having to spend a fortune. It took her 7 years to make this happen. She left without any fanfare, without any press release.

Just an ordinary person decides she wants to travel the world on her bike. It was probably a sunny day in San Francisco. Her real name is Hyojin Jeong, and she is an ordinary girl from Korea.

Who has an unusual dream. She doesn’t want to finish college and work at work. She wanted to do something different. She wants to travel around the world. This is what a lot of other young girls in Korea want to do, travel and experience different cultures.

Going to San Francisco was the first part of her plan. There, she bought all of her camping equipment with the help of a kind professor of the Italian language.

However, Jin’s idea of ​​traveling and seeing different cultures is a little bit different. Jin wants to see the world of cycling. Not the usual way to buy air tickets and stay at hotels.

The trip is not a city or a country trip. It is cycling around the world and visiting all continents and as many cities as she can. She knew it would take time to do that. I don’t know if she knew that it was going to be over 7 years from now.

She left her parents, family and friends in South Korea and came to Canada as a tourist. She got a work visa and worked there to make money for the plan she had in mind. I don’t know if her parents, family, and friends know what she’s going to do.

She wants to travel the world, meet new people, and experience life and culture, riding on her bike. That she did for over seven years. On her old bike used a bike purchased from an ad on craigslist.

Along the way, she meets kind, helpful, considerate people and lives to help her throughout her journey. She also gained valuable experiences that others have asked her to share.