Road Bike Models

For those individuals who are going to buy their first road bike, they are often surprised to discover that there are many different types of models available to choose from. Knowing what these are, will help with decision making.

Performance Bikes

For those who prefer to have a road bike which is light and easy to handle, they will often turn to the performance of road bikes as their first choice. They will allow them to get the speed that they want from bike riding, but they are also durable and are made of well-known materials. The materials are one of the factors which allow for the choices that are available in the different types of performance bikes. Most often, the frames are stiff, which allows the handler to be more responsive in their bike riding actions.

Sports Bikes

Some individuals want a bike which is classed as a road racer but has a sporty look to it. For those who are intending to be riding long distances, these type of bikes is a good choice. This is because they usually have a tyre which is somewhat wider than many of the other models. The wider tyres allow for more grip while giving comfort when riding over a variety of different types of terrain. They do vary in their weight, according to the specific model that is being purchased.

Touring Bikes

One of the most popular models of bikes is the touring option. These are great for those who like to enjoy a lot of great outdoor bike riding experiences. They can undoubtedly carry a lot of extra gear on them for those who are going on long tours. They are made to be sturdy, and at the same time, be able to provide a comfortable ride, no matter what the terrain is like, which they are going to be used on.