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All you need to know about gravel bikes

It is easily recognized that there are some terrains that both road and cyclocross bikes are not suitable for. If road bikes are only suitable for smooth and flat terrain, cyclocross bikes are not comfortable.

However, at the time, the gravel bikes of the terrain were made but were considered as cyclocross bikes. Perhaps the idea of ​​a private bicycle appeared in America, where there are more than 2 million kilometers of unpaved asphalt.

Manufacturers have improved the cyclocross terrain bike a bit so that they can help us cross the roads of gravel and gravel more comfortably. Cyclocross bike frames began to be designed with a more comfortable appearance, with the appearance of mutant mountain bikes. All are paving the way for the birth of a new gravel bike line.

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But the road is not smooth, smooth appear everywhere, they are damaged even filled with potholes and crushed stone. In addition, those who love cycling imported terrain know that cycling on the rugged roads is always a difficult experience. This has provided more reasons for the gravel bike line to become a reality.

The brakes need to fit in with the tires, so the classic rim brakes won’t be used often for this type of vehicle. Disc brakes appear to be more appropriate when a sports bike rides on gravel terrain and is easier to maintain and has high reliability.

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The shape of the frame also gives the rider comfort with a large wheelbase. Reducing or changing any element can lead to loss of control and discomfort.

In addition, the longer standing bar helps lift the steering wheel higher while reducing the impact on your back helps to reduce the symptoms of back strain. The style of off-road bikes is a combination of many different types of vehicles for long rides that are light and comfortable.

At this time, almost all imported sports bike manufacturers produce gravel bikes. Some brands like Salsa have launched this model many years ago, while Felt or Merinda are still stopping at developing the project.

Bicycle use tips of office workers

Cycling to work is the modern lifestyle of today’s trend leaders. Cycling also helps dispel fat stored not only in the abdomen but also in other areas of the body such as the buttocks, shoulders and thighs. Poor body shape will be greatly improved. At the same time, this is also a recreational sport that enhances health and muscle tone. For this reason, gentlemen in the office often use bicycles to work to eliminate belly fat.

Being late for appointments has become a habit of many people. For that reason, the working people are well aware of their own actions. With cycling to work, you will have to get up earlier to prepare to avoid traffic jams and of course avoid the scrutiny of the boss. In addition to the above reasons, cycling to work is to help change the way you live, improve health.

Dân công sở dụng xe đạp để tập thể dục cùng gia đình, gắn kết tình cảm

Just relaxing cycling can help you dispel fatigue and headaches. A few deep breaths will help your body accelerate the lung’s gas exchange. Thereby increasing metabolism in the body, helping the process of blood circulation to the brain faster. One of the easiest ways to get your whole family closer and ready for an energetic second day.

Đạp xe đến văn phòng dân công ở sẽ phải đi làm sớm hơn

Relax with your family by cycling on the promenade, helping your child to exercise as well as relieve stress after week of book exposure. Besides stress, sitting in the office can make you face spinal problems. With beautiful pictures you can post to Facebook, Instagram … A picture taken with a bike always feels comfortable, relaxed and fashionable.

After a week the whole family is busy with its own fund, the weekend is a valuable time for the whole family to reunite and cycle together. Having more props in a photo will also make the photo more vivid, the photographer also less empty and more natural.

Practice cycling and practice being a mother

I practice cycling relatively late. When I started sitting on a red mini bike with a handle on it, I was 11 years old. At eleven years old, I was old enough to know almost everything about bicycles.

But as a child, I have never tried to climb on a bicycle. I have never run a four-wheel drive vehicle for children. These two contradictions make me hesitate to learn bicycle. Then I also went to practice bicycle. I remember, driving was not bad. But just like every kid who can ride for the first time, I’m fumbling.

One time, I did not remember what he was busy but came late, I had to drive the car to the garden before waiting for him to practice. Because I did not dare to ride by myself, I took the car for a long walk at noon.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Finally, at the 14, I started driving to school by myself. When I became more confident about cycling, I rode my bike everywhere, even going very fast.

I was my first mother at age 29. At twenty-nine, I was old enough to know almost anything. I researched and read many materials about pregnancy, childbirth, and raising children; even go to prenatal courses right away.

These two contradictions made me become confused when I started being a mother.

I know too many things in books, but I don’t know how to apply them in practice. When my child was not born, every time I listened to my friends talking about difficulties in raising children, I would implicitly evaluate their parenthood.

Gradually, I got used to being a mother. I remember, from the early days, I wasn’t bad. Practicing cycling and practicing motherhood have many similarities. Both are skills that to master. Like few people who have to learn again when they know how to ride a car, having a baby also makes a mother’s life change forever.