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A girl traveling around the world on an old bike

Her dream has brought her to over 60 countries, accounting for more than 7 years. She left her comfort zone to go after that. Korea’s first world tourist on a used bike purchased from Craigslist.

This article is about Jin and her bike touring to over 60 countries, without having to spend a fortune. It took her 7 years to make this happen. She left without any fanfare, without any press release.

Just an ordinary person decides she wants to travel the world on her bike. It was probably a sunny day in San Francisco. Her real name is Hyojin Jeong, and she is an ordinary girl from Korea.

Who has an unusual dream. She doesn’t want to finish college and work at work. She wanted to do something different. She wants to travel around the world. This is what a lot of other young girls in Korea want to do, travel and experience different cultures.

Going to San Francisco was the first part of her plan. There, she bought all of her camping equipment with the help of a kind professor of the Italian language.

However, Jin’s idea of ​​traveling and seeing different cultures is a little bit different. Jin wants to see the world of cycling. Not the usual way to buy air tickets and stay at hotels.

The trip is not a city or a country trip. It is cycling around the world and visiting all continents and as many cities as she can. She knew it would take time to do that. I don’t know if she knew that it was going to be over 7 years from now.

She left her parents, family and friends in South Korea and came to Canada as a tourist. She got a work visa and worked there to make money for the plan she had in mind. I don’t know if her parents, family, and friends know what she’s going to do.

She wants to travel the world, meet new people, and experience life and culture, riding on her bike. That she did for over seven years. On her old bike used a bike purchased from an ad on craigslist.

Along the way, she meets kind, helpful, considerate people and lives to help her throughout her journey. She also gained valuable experiences that others have asked her to share.

Why do Europeans like cycling

In Western countries, especially the Nordic countries, bicycles are a sight to behold every day. In addition to transport, cycling will also help you integrate more quickly with the local life.

Saving is probably the first factor that makes European people advocate cycling. Here, public transport costs a lot of money, especially for people without a prepaid membership card.

Therefore, owning a bicycle will help you save a lot more. Meanwhile, the price of buying a bicycle is quite cheap, especially used bikes.

Châu Âu nồng nhiệt ôm lấy chiếc xe đạp điện, trong khi Hoa Kỳ vẫn ...

The next reason is because European roads are built smartly and safely with the investment of separate lanes for bicyclists. Therefore, in addition to youth and middle-aged, children and the elderly are also the forces involved in bicycle traffic.

To attract more people to join the cycle, the public bike system can be found in most major cities in France. Every time you want to use the car, you just need to swipe the card into the machine and then take the car away.

The best thing is, you don’t need to go back to the same place. You just need to find the ticket parking lot at any other place in the city to return the car.

Bicyclists also have traffic lights and are equipped with free parking lots throughout the caverns and alleys. Can’t find a public parking lot? Just lock your car into a tree or a pole!

Thưởng tiền cho người đi làm bằng xe đạp

In addition, because Europeans are educated in environmental thought, they always put the green factor first. Cycling not only helps clean the environment but also contributes to the health of the body.

Finally, for international students, cycling will also help you afford to take part in biking through the forest. With bicycles, you will also be more active on occasions of partying throughout the night.

Cycling benefits for the elderly’s health (Part 2)

Cycling can really slow down the aging process. One study compared cyclists between the ages of 55 and 79 with a group of healthy adults who did not exercise regularly. Results showed that bicyclists lost muscle mass more slowly than those who did not exercise.

Maintain mental health

Cycling is the best exercise and a great way to combat symptoms of depression, anxiety or high stress. You will enjoy the rush when cycling because it affects the levels of serotonin, dopamine and phenylethylamine – hormones that make you feel happier, more satisfied and more alert. The seniors who participated in the study found that their physical condition improved and worked better than other physical activities (after persisting with cycling), along with a better sense of self-reliant. Cycling helps people relax, support confidence, and even socialize – when it comes to group cycling. Increased blood flow effectively transports oxygen to all organs, including the brain.

Keep weight under control

If you stick with cycling, you will burn about 300 calories per hour, depending on your current weight and pace. It helps boost your metabolism, which means you’ll burn calories even when you rest. As a perfect cardiovascular exercise, it helps burn fat and gradually build muscle, especially the thighs and hips. When cycling in winter: the temperature decreases, the body’s metabolic rate increases slightly, calories are consumed more in the long run.

Good for the heart and immune system

A great cardiovascular exercise will improve your fitness and help you stay healthy. Cycling ensures a lower resting pace and helps your heart to reach the optimal steady beat. If you ride a bike regularly, you can boost the health of your cardiovascular system by 3 – 7%. Your cholesterol level will be kept stable, especially for men. When the amount of fat in the blood decreases, the risk of heart disease decreases. Plus, if you cycle for about half an hour a day, you’ll lower your risk of diabetes and other health problems like kidneys, skin conditions and eye disease.

As you get older, your thymus, an organ that produces T cells, shrinks. T cells participate in your immune response to antigens. The cyclists in the study seem to produce as many T cells as younger individuals. It strengthens your skeletal system, boosts your immunity and fights the illnesses of the elderly.

Cycling benefits for the elderly’s health

The rate of cycling among people aged 60-79 is skyrocketing, which is clearly a good sign. In developed countries, up to 22% of adults cycle. In the past, bicyclists over 55 years of age were rare, especially for those over 75 who were almost absent. However, maintaining cycling in the elderly is not easy when their bones and muscle structure are impaired. Engaging in vigorous physical activities can cause pain. However, the benefits that it brings to the body of the elderly far exceed the limitations it faces. Here, we will show you the benefits of cycling for old age and how to properly cycle.
Cycling causes less impact than running
The golden age of each person’s health lasts from 20 to 35 years. After this stage, your muscles, heart and lung function gradually weaken. As you get older, your ability to exercise and your ability to recover afterwards will decline sharply.
When jogging, the pressure on the joints will be greater when your feet are in contact with the ground. The circular motion of the bike helps ensure that energy and nutrients are delivered evenly to the cartilage, helping to prevent arthritis. Motion when cycling will be extremely smooth and stable. Your muscles will be moving without causing too much impact on your knees and ankles. In fact, cycling will be a perfect physical activity for those who recover from an injury. Therefore, it can be said that cycling is extremely suitable physical activity for the elderly. Cycling is one of the best exercises for the aging body. It helps your cardiovascular system and heart healthy. Many studies show that cycling can actually slow down the aging process in various ways.
Benefits of cycling for the elderly
Building strength
Cycling makes your whole body active, not just your feet. If you consistently ride regularly, you can build your physique very quickly and improve health and fitness.

Cycling properly for effective weight loss

Cycling is a simple weight loss exercise that brings positive effects to physique and health. The waistline will be quickly improved if you apply the right cycling technique.

Cycling is a sport suitable for people of all ages. You can choose to cycle to lose weight, maintain your body’s health and flexibility.

Benefits of weight loss cycling

Maintaining the habit of performing cycling exercises every day will accelerate the process of burning calories, while the excess fat that is hard to dissolve in the abdomen is also removed. You will quickly achieve your belly fat reduction goal after a short time thanks to this exercise.

In addition, cycling exercises also help to dissolve the fat stored in other areas of theweight loss body such as buttocks, shoulders and thighs, improve your shape. At the same time, it is also a recreational sport that enhances health, beautifies the skin and strengthens muscles.

About 20-30 minutes before breakfast, you should do this  exercise. If you exercise regularly 30 minutes a day, you can burn about 670 calories a day. This exercise regime will improve your waistline after only 7 days, while helping you eat better. Choosing to ride a bike to lose weight, you should combine it with a scientific and rational diet, limit the intake of high-fat, greasy or sugar foods. Besides, need enough sleep and create conditions for the body to rest and relax properly.

Ideal place for biking

If you have time, get up early and cycle a few times around the park. The fresh air and the green scenery of the new day will help you feel refreshed before starting work. Alternatively, you can cycle to school, work or go for a walk. Even every evening, you can cycle to the park, walk with friends, relax after work.

If you don’t have time to go out, you can choose indoor cycling. Depending on the weight and level of cycling, the burned energy will be at 75-670 calories in 30 minutes. Depending on your weight and cycling intensity, you can burn about 400-500 calories in just one hour. Specifically, the 5 mph entertainment speed helps burn 75-155 calories, a moderate speed of 10 mph helps burn 190-415 calories and a powerful speed of 15 mph helps burn 300-670 calories.

When you first practice, you should pedal slowly for 30 minutes a day. Once you get used to it, you need to increase your speed and pedal time to 45-60 minutes a day.

Cycling from 60 minutes a day helps your muscles work best, giving you good health. In the process of training, you can see the scenery, immerse yourself in nature and will love life more. Many studies by American scientists show that regular cycling helps to reduce migraine effect.

5 Benefits of cycling that you may not know (Part 2)

Third, cycling is also a very useful, recreational and relaxing activity after stressful working and studying time.

– Cycling regularly is an effective stress reliever, bringing relaxation and balance inside your body. This is a type of moderate intensity exercise and has a self-regulating ability that causes the body to secrete a hormone endorphins β, which can help people relieve anxiety, help the spirit of fun and pleasure simultaneously, have a positive impact on human psychology.

– Cycling also provides material and emotional benefits, connecting the family members after stressful working and studying time. Thereby, it directly affects the happiness and health of each member of the family.

Fourth, cycling is the best choice to improve physical appearance.

– This can be said to be an expensive assistant for the beauty of all subjects. Because cycling can:

– Burning quickly opens up the most effective way, reduces body weight and lowers cholesterol to help the body balance and harmonize.

– Make your skin become rosy and brighter due to stimulated metabolism.

Fifth, cycling for a long time and often proved that it will increase the patience, increase endurance, toughness, promote feelings of happiness and the ability to try to overcome difficulties and confidence. handling human situations and challenges.

And a visible benefit is the use of bicycles in place of modern vehicles such as passenger cars, trains, motorbikes, … during travel, in daily delivery. A huge part to protect the environment and reduce traffic congestion significantly.

In particular, with the flexibility and activeness of bicycles, using this means to go to school or travel tours is extremely interesting that each of us must experience once to have can fully enjoy all the benefits, its positive effects.

With all these great benefits, cycling is an activity, a useful habit that each of us should consider and choose to get the most positive and most beneficial effects for health, spirit, self and everyone around.

5 Benefits of cycling that you may not know (Part 1)   

BICYCLE: a very popular and familiar means of transportation in the daily life of people in many developed and developing countries in the world. Today, according to the development trend of the tourism industry, bicycles are becoming a kind of vehicle used to move in short-term, long-term tours … especially the coastal tours.

Bicycle riding has many benefits for health, spirit, physique, environment and friendliness … that each of us needs to know to start and maintain a good habit – the habit of cycling. Some typical benefits of cycling are as follows:

Firstly, cycling is an overall exercise that is easy to do but always brings positive effects bone strength to each person’s body.

A lot of people often think that cycling is just an exercise to make the legs more firm. But in fact, cycling helps you have a healthy body overall because in the process of cycling all body parts such as arms, legs, muscles, eyes, … have coordination. Smooth combination helps firm muscles while strengthening. And this is a very easy exercise because you can cycle whenever you are in the day, you don’t need the hard training and memorization like other exercises or other sports.

Secondly, preventing many diseases

A study found that cyclists frequently reduced their risk of cancer by up to 45% compared to those who opted for vehicles such as cars or public transport.  When choosing a bicycle to travel, to train or choose it to become your familiar means, you will surely not expect that: you are having a perfect choice for improving health. As scientifically proven, cycling regularly helps the human body:

– Prevention of spinal and back pain.

– Reduce the risk of colon cancer, double mountain cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer, very good for the lungs and against endometrial cancer.

– Enhance the immune system, increase resistance and fight against tumor cells, prevent tumors-related diseases.