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What to look for for the first time on a bicycle ride

Cycling is not difficult, but if you are a newcomer to this form of tourism, you will have some certain difficulties. Armed with certain knowledge about cycling for fun trips without difficulty.

Many people think that traveling by bike is very safe because the high speed is, the cyclist can completely master it. But that is only true when you are not the one who caused the accident. What if your car is collided by other vehicles?

Commuting has to be done on large roads, where vehicles such as motorbikes and cars travel at a fairly high speed. If possible, equip a bicycle light system so that you can move when it gets dark. Remember, even a bicycle must use a special helmet.

If you organize your own tourism, it is essential to prepare a good itinerary. Outdoor conditions greatly affect your trip. Trip scheduling will partially predict factors such as traffic density, weather conditions, and travel terrain.

Choose clothes that are comfortable and suitable. You cannot wear a skirt while riding a bike like normal travel. Wear the most comfortable clothes. Have some reflective vests to wear if you have to move in the dark.

Dehydration makes the blood thicker, the heart beats faster, the body will be exhausted. This is a tour, not a mortuary trip, so provide enough water to make the trip great.

Unlike other forms of tourism, cycling requires you to be active continuously. If riding a motorbike or car, the fuel is gasoline, then cycling fuel is your calorie. Prepare foods to replenish energy in time.

Especially when carrying enough money, cycling, you are more likely to be stopped or controlled by bad objects than other vehicles. You can bring your bank card to withdraw when going through residential areas.

The first Bike Racing World Esports Championship will be held in 2020

At Harrogate, the UCI World Bike Racing Championship is officially announced. The tournament is organized by the International Bicycle Federation (UCI) and online cycling platform Zwift. This is the first esports tournament held to combine modern elements of esports and physical movements of traditional sports.

UCI President David Lappartient thinks this is an exciting partnership that will transform the sport of cycling in the 21st century. Unlike other esports, the esports world championship will have a lot to do with physical activity. The riders will race on stationary bikes, which are linked to the Zwift platform to create an online track.

Zwift was launched in 2014 and allows cyclists to comfortably work out without leaving the house. The convenience of Zwift is that it helps users with simple manipulations to have experience on many types of roads.

The UK has also hosted its national esports cycling championship since last year. National Bicycle Federation President David Lappartient announced the official tournament. The tournament’s way was to connect their bikes to Zwift

“We need to be open to technical changes in the new age,” says Lartartient. Zwift is a platform loved by people of all ages and abilities. Together, we have the opportunity to improve the lives of young people, through the creation of a new sustainable sport.”

“We want to bring fair competition and growth to the sport of cycling,” said Craig Edmondson, CEO of Zwift Esports. Along with that is making more people move to sport more. This is a new chapter in sports history.” This is also considered one of the most awaited cycling tournaments in 2020.

The bicycle product Canyon has launched the first professional electronic racing team. It’s Canyon ZCC. As can be seen, Esports is gradually finding its place to accompany traditional sports.

How to have a Great Family Cycling Day

The whole family cycling to picnic or exercise is a great joy. It is also a precious time for everyone to be together. You can enjoy the fresh air and relax after fatigue from work, study one day.

That’s also why families can flock to sunny weekends for picnics together. The best key to making such trips is to share knowledge and thoughts to make them better. So how to make this trip even more wonderful.

Limit the distance to what you think can include in an hour or two. Focus on enjoying as much as you have. Think about an afternoon with a comfortable ride without impatience.

Implementation of the plan could stop with a small park with play facilities that can energize and entertain young children. Or can enjoy together at a nice cafe or picnic bench. If there is something more interesting like a beach, that’s fine.

Kids seem to need more patience to get a higher octane rating. Absolutely do not run for the benefit of cycling that you can stop when you want. Especially if your child is happy on the journey you will seem to have the same feelings.

It seems that children will be happier and more impressed with the delicious cakes and food while walking with the beautiful views. Not only can you map the trip first, you can also use the map types along the way to be able to take shortcuts.

They save you time and energy. If any of your family members feel tired, look like we are there. Even with a good map, it’s a good idea to check out the best routes before your trip to spot dangers nearby. One thing is, of course, you will know what to expect at a level of detail that no map or guide can provide.

You will likely know that you will probably spot deer in such places or cafes with hot drinks on the next hill. This can seem invaluable to you. It seems that the roads will become congested with the surrounding noises likely to be wiped out.

By having conversations with family members as well as having the ability to offer wider range. With about 10 minutes of busy streets seemingly ruining your entire day. So make connections with each other using the lowest priority you can find.

Why women should ride more bikes

Nowadays, many women choose to use sports bikes to exercise and improve their health every day. There are many scientific studies. That have also shown benefits of improving and increasing collagen as well as enhancing the standard physique for women.

It seems that scientists at Stanford University have also found that cycling regularly helps you protect your skin better. That’s because cycling helps build new brain cells in areas responsible for memory decline from the age of 30.

10 lý do tuyệt vời để phụ nữ nên đi xe đạp - Xe đạp thế giới

King College London compared more than 2,400 identical twins. And they found that those who made the equivalent of three trips of 45 minutes a week could be as young as nine years of biology as a BMI.

According to research from the University of Michigan in the US, mothers who exercise more easily during pregnancy are easier. They give birth easier, recover faster and are able to enjoy a better mental state for 9 months. Your baby has a 50 percent lower risk of being overweight and has a better development of the uterine nervous system.

Reducing salt intake is rarely the advice of doctors but within a few days can lead to a big trip, which is exactly what you should do. This also seems to give you the perfect reason to be able to chew on chips as well as other salty food products that you can usually avoid.

According to the National Forum on Coronary Heart Disease Organization in the United States, bicyclists regularly enjoy. That is same level as a person younger than 10 years old.

Tại sao xe đạp đua luôn được lòng các chị em phụ nữ? | Xe Đạp Thể ...

I often tell people that I’m addicted to cycling. But they all agree that it’s not a bad addiction to develop. As a result, some people are happier and healthier when they receive an increase in the good things in life.

There seems to be no problem with your tempo, just slow down and enjoy your time together. You and your loved one can travel on different terrain but they may also like to ride together and share aspects of the same hobby.

How the world encourages people to ride a bicycle

Due to the increasing traffic pressure in urban areas, bicycles are considered as one of the effective solutions to solve the problem of congestion and air pollution.

Dubbed the Kingdom of bicycle, bicycles are a part of Dutch people’s lives. The number of bicycles in the Netherlands is 23 million, out of a total of 17 million people. The number of bicycles in cities always accounts for over 70 percent of vehicles.

This achievement is thanks to reasonable policies, tireless efforts and above all the love for bicycles as well as the consciousness and spirit of the Dutch people. In the UK, former Prime Minister David Cameron once said that the country would invest about £ 94 million in upgrading infrastructure and improving traffic safety. They attract more bicyclists.

The £ 94 million will do a lot to make people safer when cycling. There are more people who want to use bicycles more, and we will support that.

One of the popular methods used by many places is to provide free bikes. As in the Australian city of Adelaide, free bicycles are available in many places for residents and tourists to use.

Không ô tô, không trợ lý, Thủ tướng Hà Lan đạp xe đi làm - VTC

The city of Birmingham, UK, offers bicycles to low-income people if they agree to use them. Gothenburg residents who commit to using fewer cars will get free bikes from the city government.

But increasing the number of vehicles and bicycle users is not enough. It is necessary to have transport infrastructure as well as policies to encourage and use bicycles. For example, like New York City, thanks to infrastructure investment policies in the past few years. Bicycle lovers can cycle continuously for 25 miles without any hitches.

Bristol Streets also apply the same rules on some major roads. The speed restriction will make traffic on the roads safer, convenient for cycling and walking.

Living in Japan – Protect yourself by cycling legally

Since 1994, bicycle anti-theft registration has become a mandatory obligation for bicycle owners in Japan. Registration is very simple. All bicycle shops support this registration, with no extra charge. And it helps you get your bike back if it is lost, so you have to register as soon as you buy a bike.

If there are no lines and a sign indicates that bicycles are allowed to travel on the sidewalk, bicycles must always ride on the road. Only the following subjects are allowed to walk on the sidewalk for pedestrians: children under 13, seniors over 70 and people with disabilities.

\Kết quả hình ảnh cho đi xe đạp ở nhật

One of the actions that are quite common but strictly prohibited in Japan is to honk to clear the way to pass cars or pedestrians. In Japan, pedestrians are given top priority and all vehicles must give way to pedestrians. So you rarely see the Japanese honking and thanks to that the roads are very quiet and comfortable for walking right!

This violation has a fine of up to 50,000 yen, depending on the degree of forgetting to turn on the light, broken lights or no lights. If your bike does not have any lights or it is a problem, go to the store 100 yen and buy a new one to replace.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đi xe đạp ở nhật

Do you find it strange that Japan doesn’t see anyone riding a bicycle on the back seat? Because this is strictly prohibited! Only children under 6 years old are allowed to sit on the back of the bike, no matter how big the saddle is and how close friends are, they can’t pass each other!

Even bicycles, alcohol is still banned, because even though the damage is not high, the bike driver may lose his life if traffic is not fully awake. Concluding this article are some of the behaviors you must immediately remove if you still want to ride a bicycle