Giving your child a bike (Part 2)

  1. Teach traffic laws for children

Teach children how to comply with traffic rules: Always go to the right of the road, slow speed at yellow lights and stop at red light… Even if your child has not driven out of the street, they should teach these things as soon as possible. This helps children in their health training and also helps them form discipline.

  1. Create a happy feeling for your baby

An important point when teaching children to ride a bike is to give them positive thinking, by telling them what it is like to be happy from cycling. You should not mention falling or hurting, just gently encourage before you climb the bike. Always create a sense of fun and relaxation and guide your child to take deep breaths for mental comfort

Always be with your baby while they are learning to run, giving them a sense of security. If your baby falls, grab your hand as quickly as possible, and then slowly let go so that your child learns to run on his own feet.

  1. Ensure safety

Teach your child how to ride a bicycle properly and safely, how to keep the steering wheel. Make sure you always wear a helmet and gloves, and protect your baby’s knee. This is a way to prevent injury when falling.

Take your baby to the grass or park few people to walk around to help your child practice. Children sitting on bicycles often shiver and fear of falling. You should avoid rough places with lots of stones or things that easily cause injury to your baby.

  1. Learn bike parts and cycling postures

Let your child learn, identify bike parts. This helps your baby become more familiar and comfortable with a baby bike. It is easier to instruct your baby to ride and control the parts on the bike.

Posture is also important. Teach your child to sit up straight and concentrate on the bike. The right hand is slightly bent, the knee is slightly facing the bike but does not touch the bike, the eyes are visible, the brake is used in which circumstances… Do not let the baby look down at the ground while cycling.