How the world encourages people to ride a bicycle

Due to the increasing traffic pressure in urban areas, bicycles are considered as one of the effective solutions to solve the problem of congestion and air pollution.

Dubbed the Kingdom of bicycle, bicycles are a part of Dutch people’s lives. The number of bicycles in the Netherlands is 23 million, out of a total of 17 million people. The number of bicycles in cities always accounts for over 70 percent of vehicles.

This achievement is thanks to reasonable policies, tireless efforts and above all the love for bicycles as well as the consciousness and spirit of the Dutch people. In the UK, former Prime Minister David Cameron once said that the country would invest about £ 94 million in upgrading infrastructure and improving traffic safety. They attract more bicyclists.

The £ 94 million will do a lot to make people safer when cycling. There are more people who want to use bicycles more, and we will support that.

One of the popular methods used by many places is to provide free bikes. As in the Australian city of Adelaide, free bicycles are available in many places for residents and tourists to use.

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The city of Birmingham, UK, offers bicycles to low-income people if they agree to use them. Gothenburg residents who commit to using fewer cars will get free bikes from the city government.

But increasing the number of vehicles and bicycle users is not enough. It is necessary to have transport infrastructure as well as policies to encourage and use bicycles. For example, like New York City, thanks to infrastructure investment policies in the past few years. Bicycle lovers can cycle continuously for 25 miles without any hitches.

Bristol Streets also apply the same rules on some major roads. The speed restriction will make traffic on the roads safer, convenient for cycling and walking.