Children’s bicycles are a special gift for parents for their beloved children. Bicycles help children develop physically and mentally. Moreover, giving your baby a bike is a way to make your baby responsible and learn to be independent.

If your child is afraid to learn to ride because he is afraid of falling or injured, you should not scold him, because at this time he or she is in the development stage of brain that is very vulnerable to negative problems leading to depression.

If children are not happy, they will never learn good things. Never make a cycling session into a will of war. Please accompany your child and help them overcome psychological barriers. Give your children compliments when they reach a small effort.

  1. Prepare children’s bicycles to the right height

The best age for children to ride from 3 to 6 years old. During this stage your child will learn to ride a bike very quickly. Taking a baby to a children’s bicycle shop and choose to buy a bike with a bright color that fits your baby’s personality. This will make your baby feel excited from the beginning with a new friend. Don’t buy a baby bike that has a size bigger than your baby’s height and think he or she will be able to pedal when he or she grow.

If your baby is from 3-6 years old, it’s best to buy a baby bike with two extra wheels designed behind. Let your baby easily control and balance on his bike.

If your baby is over 6 years old, give him or her a two-wheeled bicycle (without two extra wheels). At this age, babies are sturdy enough to be able to handle when they fall. Buying a bike with two side wheels is like training your child based on psychology. Drive a two-wheeled bicycle from the first day, help your child know carefully and concentrate more while driving.

You can ask a technician to lower the seat to a low height to help your baby easily stand up. When the baby get acquainted, he or she will raise the bike seat to the correct height.