Practice cycling and practice being a mother

I practice cycling relatively late. When I started sitting on a red mini bike with a handle on it, I was 11 years old. At eleven years old, I was old enough to know almost everything about bicycles.

But as a child, I have never tried to climb on a bicycle. I have never run a four-wheel drive vehicle for children. These two contradictions make me hesitate to learn bicycle. Then I also went to practice bicycle. I remember, driving was not bad. But just like every kid who can ride for the first time, I’m fumbling.

One time, I did not remember what he was busy but came late, I had to drive the car to the garden before waiting for him to practice. Because I did not dare to ride by myself, I took the car for a long walk at noon.

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Finally, at the 14, I started driving to school by myself. When I became more confident about cycling, I rode my bike everywhere, even going very fast.

I was my first mother at age 29. At twenty-nine, I was old enough to know almost anything. I researched and read many materials about pregnancy, childbirth, and raising children; even go to prenatal courses right away.

These two contradictions made me become confused when I started being a mother.

I know too many things in books, but I don’t know how to apply them in practice. When my child was not born, every time I listened to my friends talking about difficulties in raising children, I would implicitly evaluate their parenthood.

Gradually, I got used to being a mother. I remember, from the early days, I wasn’t bad. Practicing cycling and practicing motherhood have many similarities. Both are skills that to master. Like few people who have to learn again when they know how to ride a car, having a baby also makes a mother’s life change forever.