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Why women should ride more bikes

Nowadays, many women choose to use sports bikes to exercise and improve their health every day. There are many scientific studies. That have also shown benefits of improving and increasing collagen as well as enhancing the standard physique for women.

It seems that scientists at Stanford University have also found that cycling regularly helps you protect your skin better. That’s because cycling helps build new brain cells in areas responsible for memory decline from the age of 30.

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King College London compared more than 2,400 identical twins. And they found that those who made the equivalent of three trips of 45 minutes a week could be as young as nine years of biology as a BMI.

According to research from the University of Michigan in the US, mothers who exercise more easily during pregnancy are easier. They give birth easier, recover faster and are able to enjoy a better mental state for 9 months. Your baby has a 50 percent lower risk of being overweight and has a better development of the uterine nervous system.

Reducing salt intake is rarely the advice of doctors but within a few days can lead to a big trip, which is exactly what you should do. This also seems to give you the perfect reason to be able to chew on chips as well as other salty food products that you can usually avoid.

According to the National Forum on Coronary Heart Disease Organization in the United States, bicyclists regularly enjoy. That is same level as a person younger than 10 years old.

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I often tell people that I’m addicted to cycling. But they all agree that it’s not a bad addiction to develop. As a result, some people are happier and healthier when they receive an increase in the good things in life.

There seems to be no problem with your tempo, just slow down and enjoy your time together. You and your loved one can travel on different terrain but they may also like to ride together and share aspects of the same hobby.

All you need to know about gravel bikes

It is easily recognized that there are some terrains that both road and cyclocross bikes are not suitable for. If road bikes are only suitable for smooth and flat terrain, cyclocross bikes are not comfortable.

However, at the time, the gravel bikes of the terrain were made but were considered as cyclocross bikes. Perhaps the idea of ​​a private bicycle appeared in America, where there are more than 2 million kilometers of unpaved asphalt.

Manufacturers have improved the cyclocross terrain bike a bit so that they can help us cross the roads of gravel and gravel more comfortably. Cyclocross bike frames began to be designed with a more comfortable appearance, with the appearance of mutant mountain bikes. All are paving the way for the birth of a new gravel bike line.

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But the road is not smooth, smooth appear everywhere, they are damaged even filled with potholes and crushed stone. In addition, those who love cycling imported terrain know that cycling on the rugged roads is always a difficult experience. This has provided more reasons for the gravel bike line to become a reality.

The brakes need to fit in with the tires, so the classic rim brakes won’t be used often for this type of vehicle. Disc brakes appear to be more appropriate when a sports bike rides on gravel terrain and is easier to maintain and has high reliability.

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The shape of the frame also gives the rider comfort with a large wheelbase. Reducing or changing any element can lead to loss of control and discomfort.

In addition, the longer standing bar helps lift the steering wheel higher while reducing the impact on your back helps to reduce the symptoms of back strain. The style of off-road bikes is a combination of many different types of vehicles for long rides that are light and comfortable.

At this time, almost all imported sports bike manufacturers produce gravel bikes. Some brands like Salsa have launched this model many years ago, while Felt or Merinda are still stopping at developing the project.