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What to look for for the first time on a bicycle ride

Cycling is not difficult, but if you are a newcomer to this form of tourism, you will have some certain difficulties. Armed with certain knowledge about cycling for fun trips without difficulty.

Many people think that traveling by bike is very safe because the high speed is, the cyclist can completely master it. But that is only true when you are not the one who caused the accident. What if your car is collided by other vehicles?

Commuting has to be done on large roads, where vehicles such as motorbikes and cars travel at a fairly high speed. If possible, equip a bicycle light system so that you can move when it gets dark. Remember, even a bicycle must use a special helmet.

If you organize your own tourism, it is essential to prepare a good itinerary. Outdoor conditions greatly affect your trip. Trip scheduling will partially predict factors such as traffic density, weather conditions, and travel terrain.

Choose clothes that are comfortable and suitable. You cannot wear a skirt while riding a bike like normal travel. Wear the most comfortable clothes. Have some reflective vests to wear if you have to move in the dark.

Dehydration makes the blood thicker, the heart beats faster, the body will be exhausted. This is a tour, not a mortuary trip, so provide enough water to make the trip great.

Unlike other forms of tourism, cycling requires you to be active continuously. If riding a motorbike or car, the fuel is gasoline, then cycling fuel is your calorie. Prepare foods to replenish energy in time.

Especially when carrying enough money, cycling, you are more likely to be stopped or controlled by bad objects than other vehicles. You can bring your bank card to withdraw when going through residential areas.

How to have a Great Family Cycling Day

The whole family cycling to picnic or exercise is a great joy. It is also a precious time for everyone to be together. You can enjoy the fresh air and relax after fatigue from work, study one day.

That’s also why families can flock to sunny weekends for picnics together. The best key to making such trips is to share knowledge and thoughts to make them better. So how to make this trip even more wonderful.

Limit the distance to what you think can include in an hour or two. Focus on enjoying as much as you have. Think about an afternoon with a comfortable ride without impatience.

Implementation of the plan could stop with a small park with play facilities that can energize and entertain young children. Or can enjoy together at a nice cafe or picnic bench. If there is something more interesting like a beach, that’s fine.

Kids seem to need more patience to get a higher octane rating. Absolutely do not run for the benefit of cycling that you can stop when you want. Especially if your child is happy on the journey you will seem to have the same feelings.

It seems that children will be happier and more impressed with the delicious cakes and food while walking with the beautiful views. Not only can you map the trip first, you can also use the map types along the way to be able to take shortcuts.

They save you time and energy. If any of your family members feel tired, look like we are there. Even with a good map, it’s a good idea to check out the best routes before your trip to spot dangers nearby. One thing is, of course, you will know what to expect at a level of detail that no map or guide can provide.

You will likely know that you will probably spot deer in such places or cafes with hot drinks on the next hill. This can seem invaluable to you. It seems that the roads will become congested with the surrounding noises likely to be wiped out.

By having conversations with family members as well as having the ability to offer wider range. With about 10 minutes of busy streets seemingly ruining your entire day. So make connections with each other using the lowest priority you can find.

Injury in cycling and prevention

Almost everyone who practices sports has experienced trauma or dull pain. And cycling is no exception. In fact, cycling can be considered a less traumatic sport compared to running.

However, you may still be injured while cycling. The following article will list some of the common injuries and how to prevent them.

Tổng hợp cách bạn cần biết để đi xe đạp chính hãng tốt hơn

The saddle is too high, and the pedal position is too low, bending your back will make your hips and waist more loaded. This load is concentrated in the center of the body, that is, the lower back.

Like neck and shoulder pain, the best way to avoid back pain is to fit the car properly. A reasonable fit is a vehicle that helps you to ride for 3-4 hours while still feeling comfortable, and balancing comfort and speed.

Instead of pedaling for 40kmh for 5 minutes and lying wincing in your back pain, sit comfortably and kick 34kmh in 100km. One of the common causes of knee pain is to put your saddle too low or too high.

If the seat is too low, it will cause the knee to overlap. As mentioned in the Basic technique of cycling mentioned, when the foot is about 6 o’clock, your foot is almost straight.

Conversely, on a vehicle that is too high, it can cause your hips to swing to the side when pedaling, putting pressure on your back. Again, fit is extremely important.

However, remember that after fit the car you should try many times, and remember the feeling in the legs, hips, back. Fit the car is like wedge soup, this is the need to do it over and over to find the optimal posture.

The muscles of your neck and shoulders are often unconsciously braced when you step, especially during heavy pedaling. Remember to remind yourself to relax your upper body when pedaling every 5-10 minutes.

Kỹ thuật chạy xe đạp đúng để có lợi cho sức khỏe tối đa

The wrong posture is when you bend your neck too much, like you are holding a tennis ball between your chin and throat. This interferes with breathing and tightens the muscles in the neck and shoulders.

Imagine a string pulling your head to the top of the head. This will pull your head up a bit, head-neck-back forming an axis and helping the muscles to stretch longer and more comfortably.

Why do Europeans like cycling

In Western countries, especially the Nordic countries, bicycles are a sight to behold every day. In addition to transport, cycling will also help you integrate more quickly with the local life.

Saving is probably the first factor that makes European people advocate cycling. Here, public transport costs a lot of money, especially for people without a prepaid membership card.

Therefore, owning a bicycle will help you save a lot more. Meanwhile, the price of buying a bicycle is quite cheap, especially used bikes.

Châu Âu nồng nhiệt ôm lấy chiếc xe đạp điện, trong khi Hoa Kỳ vẫn ...

The next reason is because European roads are built smartly and safely with the investment of separate lanes for bicyclists. Therefore, in addition to youth and middle-aged, children and the elderly are also the forces involved in bicycle traffic.

To attract more people to join the cycle, the public bike system can be found in most major cities in France. Every time you want to use the car, you just need to swipe the card into the machine and then take the car away.

The best thing is, you don’t need to go back to the same place. You just need to find the ticket parking lot at any other place in the city to return the car.

Bicyclists also have traffic lights and are equipped with free parking lots throughout the caverns and alleys. Can’t find a public parking lot? Just lock your car into a tree or a pole!

Thưởng tiền cho người đi làm bằng xe đạp

In addition, because Europeans are educated in environmental thought, they always put the green factor first. Cycling not only helps clean the environment but also contributes to the health of the body.

Finally, for international students, cycling will also help you afford to take part in biking through the forest. With bicycles, you will also be more active on occasions of partying throughout the night.

Bicycle use tips of office workers

Cycling to work is the modern lifestyle of today’s trend leaders. Cycling also helps dispel fat stored not only in the abdomen but also in other areas of the body such as the buttocks, shoulders and thighs. Poor body shape will be greatly improved. At the same time, this is also a recreational sport that enhances health and muscle tone. For this reason, gentlemen in the office often use bicycles to work to eliminate belly fat.

Being late for appointments has become a habit of many people. For that reason, the working people are well aware of their own actions. With cycling to work, you will have to get up earlier to prepare to avoid traffic jams and of course avoid the scrutiny of the boss. In addition to the above reasons, cycling to work is to help change the way you live, improve health.

Dân công sở dụng xe đạp để tập thể dục cùng gia đình, gắn kết tình cảm

Just relaxing cycling can help you dispel fatigue and headaches. A few deep breaths will help your body accelerate the lung’s gas exchange. Thereby increasing metabolism in the body, helping the process of blood circulation to the brain faster. One of the easiest ways to get your whole family closer and ready for an energetic second day.

Đạp xe đến văn phòng dân công ở sẽ phải đi làm sớm hơn

Relax with your family by cycling on the promenade, helping your child to exercise as well as relieve stress after week of book exposure. Besides stress, sitting in the office can make you face spinal problems. With beautiful pictures you can post to Facebook, Instagram … A picture taken with a bike always feels comfortable, relaxed and fashionable.

After a week the whole family is busy with its own fund, the weekend is a valuable time for the whole family to reunite and cycle together. Having more props in a photo will also make the photo more vivid, the photographer also less empty and more natural.

Why should practice early cycling for children

At a time when civilization is growing as strongly as the early years of the new century like this time, the need for education and skills development of children needs more and more attention from parents. One of the first lessons in life is how to practice cycling. So why should practice early to ride? In today’s article let’s find out the answer to this problem!

According to scientific research, cycling is one of the miraculous remedies to improve the health of people and this is one of the ways many people believe to choose is the way to practice sports everyday. Cycling is a discipline that can be suitable for all ages from young children to the elderly. So early practice will bring very good results.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tập đi xe đạp sớm cho con

When you ride a bike, your heart rate will be faster than normal, this is a great way to improve blood circulation, help the body be healthier, the circulation of blood vessels is favorable. advantage and easier. Avoid phenomena related to blood vessel blockages or hematomas. Research from major countries around the world, cycling will improve blood circulation very high.

Besides dangerous diseases like cancer or diabetes will also have the opportunity to prevent, improve and avoid the risk of disease. Especially for the elderly, improving health is one of the very important things. So from early on, we need to practice this sport to be able to receive sweet fruits when age has stepped.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tập đi xe đạp sớm cho con

One of the greatest benefits of the human health segment when cycling is that it can relieve stress and help relax the mind, clear thoughts and cyclists may feel lucid, more relaxed and more comfortable. Riding will also create muscle, improve endurance and minimize the risk of osteoarthritis, creating a more flexible body.

For children, learning to ride a bicycle early can have a lot of different benefits. Parents can train their children to be independent early on when they learn to ride a bike.

The formation for children an independent thought, self-advocacy right from the early childhood will certainly be a wise choice. First, imagine if your children are too dependent on your presence in their lives. If later in life when you are old, can you still teach your children how to be independent?

Practice cycling and practice being a mother

I practice cycling relatively late. When I started sitting on a red mini bike with a handle on it, I was 11 years old. At eleven years old, I was old enough to know almost everything about bicycles.

But as a child, I have never tried to climb on a bicycle. I have never run a four-wheel drive vehicle for children. These two contradictions make me hesitate to learn bicycle. Then I also went to practice bicycle. I remember, driving was not bad. But just like every kid who can ride for the first time, I’m fumbling.

One time, I did not remember what he was busy but came late, I had to drive the car to the garden before waiting for him to practice. Because I did not dare to ride by myself, I took the car for a long walk at noon.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Finally, at the 14, I started driving to school by myself. When I became more confident about cycling, I rode my bike everywhere, even going very fast.

I was my first mother at age 29. At twenty-nine, I was old enough to know almost anything. I researched and read many materials about pregnancy, childbirth, and raising children; even go to prenatal courses right away.

These two contradictions made me become confused when I started being a mother.

I know too many things in books, but I don’t know how to apply them in practice. When my child was not born, every time I listened to my friends talking about difficulties in raising children, I would implicitly evaluate their parenthood.

Gradually, I got used to being a mother. I remember, from the early days, I wasn’t bad. Practicing cycling and practicing motherhood have many similarities. Both are skills that to master. Like few people who have to learn again when they know how to ride a car, having a baby also makes a mother’s life change forever.