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Top simple guides for cycling beginners (part 1)

It  take not very long time to fully involve in cycling and its culture – even you ride to work on a daily basis, handle a sportive or pedal on a race number year around. It is easy to understand that you will raise a number of questions and stumbling blocks during your first year of cycling. Even people who have been riding a decades will sometimes find themselves stumped. We couldn’t give you a full answer to every question in one guide, so instead, we’ve give out our top tips.

1) Choose your suitable bike

You should buy a bike at a local shop because the bike there will fit you, make you feel comfortable, give you a free guarantee service, and the shop will easy to help you out with your problems. In doing so, it will save you money in the long run.

If you do not know what bike style fit you most, think about an endurance focused road bike. if you want to travel off-road, you should choose a cyclocross, gravel bike or adventure road. Also, a hybrid bike is suitable if you feel afraid of dropping handlebars. And an aluminum race bike could be an option for the goal of racing.

2) Make sure you’re comfortable on your bike

Cyclists adjust their bike to fit them and make them feel comfortable even those who professional and have been riding for decades. Some riders tweak their bike based on individual factors and goals for their best performance.

For avoiding injury and riding in comfort, all riders can apply some basic guidelines such as finding optimum saddle height by putting your heel at its furthest away point on the pedal. You should keep your leg straight,  so as to gaining a slight bend when you clip in. When you ride on the top you need a slight bend in your elbows, making sure that the reach is right when the hub’s front wheel under the handlebars disappears from view.