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Top simple guides for cycling beginners (part 2)

  1. Wear a helmet

According to statistics, there are many annual traffic accidents in which cyclists as well as motorcyclists make up 60%, and of which 75% of deaths are due to severe head injuries. Proper use of a bicycle helmet means that 90% of you have prevented unnecessary brain damage. So choose a quality helmet with clear origin and right size.

  1. Size of the bike frame

How to find out the exact size of the bike’s frame you should sit on the seat, the foot touch the ground and do not need to use outrigger. the distance from the upper part of the frame to the thigh should be 1-2 inch for road bikes and at least 2inch for mountain bikes. The steering wheel should be 1inch lower than the seat you sit on.

  1. Suitable saddle size

A small saddle on a road bike can be uncomfortable for many people, especially women. You have to choose a saddle that fits your butt. There are a few special designs of saddle on the market, with inserted Gel layers to reduce pressure and friction, which can also be an animal skin. The position where you sit on the saddle for pedaling is also important: in the final rotation when stretching the longest leg, your knee should only be slightly bent to provide enough elasticity for the next rotation. If the stride is too straight or the legs are too curved, it will make you very tired and in the long-term it will not be good for the pillow. The seat should be adjusted to ensure the most comfortable sitting position for you.

  1. Comfortable clothes

If you have to ride on a long road, find good pants. They should not too tight unless they may irritate the skin. For more safety, you should choose specialized bike pants without seams at the bottom and especially with pads for draining sweat and reducing pain in the buttocks due to long time sitting.