The first Bike Racing World Esports Championship will be held in 2020

At Harrogate, the UCI World Bike Racing Championship is officially announced. The tournament is organized by the International Bicycle Federation (UCI) and online cycling platform Zwift. This is the first esports tournament held to combine modern elements of esports and physical movements of traditional sports.

UCI President David Lappartient thinks this is an exciting partnership that will transform the sport of cycling in the 21st century. Unlike other esports, the esports world championship will have a lot to do with physical activity. The riders will race on stationary bikes, which are linked to the Zwift platform to create an online track.

Zwift was launched in 2014 and allows cyclists to comfortably work out without leaving the house. The convenience of Zwift is that it helps users with simple manipulations to have experience on many types of roads.

The UK has also hosted its national esports cycling championship since last year. National Bicycle Federation President David Lappartient announced the official tournament. The tournament’s way was to connect their bikes to Zwift

“We need to be open to technical changes in the new age,” says Lartartient. Zwift is a platform loved by people of all ages and abilities. Together, we have the opportunity to improve the lives of young people, through the creation of a new sustainable sport.”

“We want to bring fair competition and growth to the sport of cycling,” said Craig Edmondson, CEO of Zwift Esports. Along with that is making more people move to sport more. This is a new chapter in sports history.” This is also considered one of the most awaited cycling tournaments in 2020.

The bicycle product Canyon has launched the first professional electronic racing team. It’s Canyon ZCC. As can be seen, Esports is gradually finding its place to accompany traditional sports.