The first woman to cycle around the world

Annie Londonderry cycled from her home in Boston. She left her husband and three young children to make the journey to make her a symbol of independent women.

The birth of a bicycle is especially important for women when they first participate in this activity. She enjoyed the freedom it brought. It takes them beyond the confines of the 4 walls of the house.

Corsets and cascading skirts even have to give way to tight pants so women can cycle more comfortably. Bicycles were really part of the early women’s movement.

Along the way, Annie signs and sells souvenirs to advertise her appearance. Every time she went to a new location, she sent articles to the local newspaper. Annie delighted the crowd with stories she herself had experienced along the way. Reporters also paid great attention to her.

Annie bên chiếc xe đạp của mình. Ảnh:

Annie identifies herself as a Harvard medical student, a lawyer, an orphan, the founder of a newspaper or accounting book. With her gifted composition and self-promotion, Annie has made many people admire her.

Annie’s bold trip was completed in September 1895. She returned to Boston with a broken arm from a fall. Annie has cycled hundreds of kilometers with such injuries.

But the journey was not exactly the same as what Annie had told her. Many details were hidden in ambiguity. they are mainly derived from her tendency to exaggerate.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

In fact, Annie has traveled around the world on a bicycle, not by cycling. There is evidence that from Western Europe to the Middle East and from Marseilles, France, to Yokohama, Japan, she traveled mainly by ship.

When she started, she just got acquainted with the bicycle, her first bike was quite simple. She did not wear pants or pants, but remained loyal to the dress for a long time. The path she traveled was often unpaved and it took her three months to first arrive in New York and then Chicago.