Top simple guides for cycling beginners (part 3)

  1. Start slowly. Don’t be impatient

Everything that started in a hurry brought about unintended consequences. Initially, you should only ride for 30 minutes to 45 minutes for 1 pedal on a flat terrain. You try to maintain in the first 3-4 weeks, 3-4 times per week. After getting used to it, you can change to rough terrain, go further, and also train your better toughness.

  1. Limit night biking

In fact, most deaths occur when riding a bicycle during the period from 6pm to 9pm. But if you have to go within a limited time, you will have to know how to equip yourself safely in low light conditions, for example: wearing bright colors, reflections, signal lights – lighting on helmets and on bicycles. Best of all, attach a bright headlight with white light and the red or yellow flashes at the end of the bike

  1. Feel gears / lip / disc

Don’t ride on a steep road with high intensity and long time, this will increase the pressure on your knees. Keep the gears in moderation, which means you feel light on your feet, thus contributing to your movement more steadily and better. The best footsteps for most cyclists are 60 to 80 rounds for a minute and the racers often reach 80-100.

  1. The brake / brake system must be guaranteed

When driving, your finger must always be on the brake. Depending on the type of vehicle on the left or right, it will determine whether it is a front brake or a rear brake. You have to check the front of the rear wheel before going to the front wheel to keep it safe. Because when making a sudden brake at high speed, especially the front brake, you will be rushed forward, knocked yourself out of the bike, so you must try to stabilize your position and steering wheel in such kinds of situations. Thus, it is not recommended to brake too unexpectedly and front brake first. It is safer for you to get used to preparing both brakes at the same time.