Using bicycles in response to the World Environment Day 5/6

This June, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment launched an action program to protect the environment in response to “World Environment Day 05/06”. Environmental pollution and air come from many different causes. And improper use of vehicles is one of them. So how do we need to use transportation to make our living environment green, clean and beautiful?

Daily use of bicycles is a great way to contribute to protecting the environment, preserving the ecosystem on our great green planet. If every person makes a small contribution to the daily bicycle routine, it will have a significant impact on the protection of the earth.

Xe đạp chiếm một diện tích nhỏ trên vẻ hè

Bicycles are like a vehicle to save the air. Bicycle-friendly vehicles, unlike cars and motorbikes, will launch countless “dirty” gases into the sky. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, if people commute to work by bike one day a week will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions.

A major reason for using bicycles is the health benefits. It helps improve the heart, keeps the spirits up, removes excess body fat. An hour of cycling can burn up to 600 calories. What’s more, getting on a bike every morning is a great way to start your day and get rid of stress.

Hai người bạn lái xe đạp để tập thể dục buổi sáng tăng cường sức khỏe

Cycling activities bring you a huge benefit. It helps you remember better. Sitting on a bicycle is a great way for you to feel the surroundings. This can only come when you put your foot on the pedal and immerse yourself in nature.

A major problem that is being cared about by the world is parking, especially with the increasing number of motor vehicles. This means building more parking lots that used to be home to both plants and animals. Cutting down trees reduces the amount of “green lungs” that purify the atmosphere, adversely affecting the living environment.